Radisphere Provisional Job Postings

We currently do not have any immediate openings. If you would like to submit an inquiry anyway, please respond to position postings by submitting a cover letter, with a resume to: staffing@radisphere.com

Thank you for your interest in Radisphere. 

Sales/Marketing Specialists

We have an ongoing interest when receiving inquiries for Sales Representatives. We are not actively seeking to fill any roles, at present, but a resume is welcome. Our primarily interest is around software product sales to customers. A typical background would include marketing and sales, also tracking sales, projects, and providing feedback throughout project implementation.  Thank you for your interest.

Radisphere is a small, innovative, engineering and software development firm with ample energy and enthusiasm for the business. We depend upon a high level of commitment to our customer's satisfaction. A position within Radisphere offers learning and professional growth, while providing challenging work with the opportunity to make a discernable contribution. We provide a satisfying and enjoyable work place.

Software Developer and Software Engineers

We are not currently activley seeking to fill a role, but if you'd like to submit a resume, we welcome your interest.

Requirements: Background and/ or formal education in computer science, computer engineering or related field with 5 years of relevant development experience in C#, .Net, Java. Must have proficiency in varied database tools and ability to design and emulate database driven applications.

Must have a strong work ethic, insight, motivation, and enthusiasm. Good team skills required including active participation in technical review activities. SAP is a plus.

On-Site and interactive work is required. Must be able to complete tasks and projects independently, efficiently, and effectively.

Note: Challenging skills tests are applied during the interview process.